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For more than 20 years Kirsten has worked with passionate leaders in privately held companies, family businesses and non-profits.  Her insightful approach has helped them find their fuel, ignite their teams, speak with tenacity and become empowered in their lives and work.
  • Individual Leadership Coaching
  • Family Business Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching
  • Communication Coaching
  • Culture Correction
  • Group Coaching
  • Team Building
Your Leadership Breakthrough Session: What to Expect...
Deciding to reach out and take the plunge into Leadership Coaching or Team Culture Correction can be a big decision. On the one hand making that first appointment can feel exhilarating. You may think, “Now, finally, things will be different — because I’m doing something different, and I’m going to have support.” Many people feel great and hopeful after making the appointment for their Leadership Breakthrough Session.

However, doing something new is almost always a little nerve-wracking. Considering the possibility of sharing your challenges as a leader or frustrations about your business, especially if it’s a family business, can feel unnerving. Add to that the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect and you may be hesitant to follow through.  

Let me help calm some of your uncertainty right now. Here’s what you can expect when you schedule a Leadership Breakthrough Session with me.  

A Safe, Confidential, Judgment-Free Zone

As a business owner or leader it is not uncommon to feel isolated. You have fears and frustrations but have no one with which you can be fully vulnerable and share. After all, you can’t risk the rumor mill grinding out your fears to the entire team. Leadership Coaching with me provides a safe place to vent and explore. Now, we will get in action around what is frustrating you. I always say, “I’m not a shoulder to cry on.” That is not my strength. But turning your frustrations into targeted actions is!  

I also have the innate ability to listen without judgment. No matter how embarrassing you feel it is or how certain you are that no one has ever experienced that thing you're afraid to share, the reality is, that after this many years in this work I’ve probably heard it already and helped someone else through something similar. Even it if is new I’m going to listen with compassion, tell it like it is and get you moving in the right direction around, through, or towards the things you haven’t been able to speak about.

So, get ready to enjoy some no holds barred, get it out on the table to exam it conversation that will help you gain self awareness and targeted action.
Your Hopes & My Recommendations:
The Leadership Breakthrough Session will begin with a conversation about your present concerns, challenges and frustrations. I will likely ask you questions to ensure that I have a good understanding of your current circumstance and your hopes for coaching.  

By the end of your session (about 30 minutes), you will have some targeted strategies to help you get into focused action. I will also either be able to accept you as a client and describe what coaching will look like for you, or I will provide you with direction about how to find more appropriate support. 
Ongoing Sessions:
If you decide to move forward with coaching you can schedule your next meeting directly with me. You will most likely be meeting with me weekly (at first) for 45 minute sessions. Most clients stay on this weekly schedule for approximately 3 months and then move to sessions every other week, though each coaching experience is different. The two of us will work together to determine when the time is right.

Your sessions will start with a brief “check in” period, followed by a collaborative discussion about what to focus on in the day’s meeting.

It’s very helpful for you to take notes during your session so that you have a reminder of the things you talked about and what you’re working on in between sessions. Coaching is very active, and you will be receiving homework assignments to do between every session.

If that word “homework” brings up visions of hours of reading, hand cramping writing and late night cramming let me calm your fears now. Your coaching homework will look very different. Most of what I call “Action Steps” will occur as you move through your daily life and work. They are powerful and targeted strategies to help you gain focused momentum as you begin to see things from a new perspective, think, act and speak differently.
At the start of every session we will discuss your last Action Steps, and your progress. You’ll share both victories and challenges from your previous week and these will provide powerful insights into the progress you’ve made and where our focus should move next. These discussions will drive the plan for your next assignment(s).
Generally our clients pay for a full month of coaching at the beginning of each month. You can provide us with a credit or debit card number that we charge the beginning of each month or pay via cash or check. 
How it Ends:
When you find yourself talking extensively about the positive progress and successful changes that you have made in your work and life, your time with me will likely come to an end. I will review and celebrate your gains with you, and your regular sessions will no longer be needed. You can cut back to monthly, quarterly or semi-annual meetings to make sure that you maintain your hard-won gains for the long haul.
Have More Questions About Coaching With Kirsten?
Still have more questions?  Schedule your free Leadership Breakthrough Session and have them answered. If you’re in the Metro Detroit area you can meet with Kirsten in person. If you’re elsewhere in Michigan (or the world) we can meet for coaching through online video-conferencing via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts, or via phone.

Help yourself to the best day and time using Kirsten's online calendars below, or call the office 248-973-7595 for personal assistance in scheduling.
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